The Queen’s Lace Handkerchief (Johann Strauss II) – Opera Della Luna, 2017

Getting that balance right is the difference between escapist fluff and great comedy, and as the lovelorn Queen, Charlotte Knight provided the necessary hint of lemon zest in this Sachertorte, one minute swooning ditzily and pealing out jewel-like sprays of high notes, the next quickly dabbing her eyes in the background with the titular handkerchief.

Richard Bratby

The Spectator UK, September 2017

[The] winsome Queen was prettily sing and ably acted by Charlotte Knight

George Hall

The Stage UK, August 2017

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (William Finn) – No Strings Theatre, June 2015

Charlotte Knight as the host of the Bee, Rona Lisa Peretti, was hysterical. It was nice to see Charlotte doing some broad comedy. Her improvisational chops were quite a surprise as she ad-libbed her way through banter with the audience and some of the other cast members. Her singing was top notch.

Greg Finney, June 2015

Earnest, The Importance of Being (Davies & Benson) – Toronto Operetta Theatre, May 2015

Charlotte Knight is charming in depicting Cecily’s willful innocence. Davies gives her ample opportunity to show off her high-flying coloratura in ornamentation that rivals that of Mozart’s Queen of the Night. These Knight tosses off with ease and grace.

Christopher Hoile, April 2015

Charlotte Knight (Cecily) is a formidable coloratura soprano. Davies’ music has her chirping all up and down the scale which she pulls off with panache. There has to be a Queen of the Night in her future with her precision placement and easy top.

Paula Citron, May 2015

Charlotte Knight as Cecily particularly shines with all the bright, sparkling energy of a young girl with big dreams and even bigger ambition. Knight’s Cecily is funny and girlish without being cloying…Both Garlough and Knight sung the roof off, and their insane highs and gorgeous harmonies easily scored the most enthusiastic applause of the night.

Lindsay Young, April 2015

Cousin from Nowhere (Eduard Künneke) – Toronto Operetta Theatre, May 2014

It was a talented cast… Knight owns a clear, bright, perky soubrette

Paula Citron

Opera Canada, Summer 2014

As Hanna, Charlotte Knight has a light, sparkling soprano that perfectly complemented the darkness of Cesaroni’s voice. Even more important for this character, Knight is an excellent comic actor able making us fully accept Hanna’s falling in love at first sight with the second Roderich.

Christopher Hoile

Opera News, July 2014

Soprano Charlotte Knight played Hanna, Julia’s best friend, and she was a perfect fit for this kind of show. She looked like she’d been plucked right out of the 19-aughts, and she had a bell-like voice to go with the pretty picture. Her singing was polished throughout the show, cutting impressively in the ensemble numbers. Together, Charlotte and Lucia were two likeable friends, and the audience was on their side immediately.

Jenna Douglas, May 2014